When Music Meets Chinese Buddhist Chanting – the World Famous Pipa Player Gao Hong Paid a Visit to Xiang Guang


The world renowned Pipa Soloist Gao Hong has been dedicated to promoting Buddhist chanting in recent years in the hope that she would inject new life into Chinese Buddhist chanting so that more people get to know Buddhism and appreciate the tranquility and peace of mind. Gao led her students at Carleton College, USA, to visit the Yinyi Buddhist Institute and the Purple Bamboo Retreat, which are the Taipei branch and Kaohsiung branch of the Xiang Guang Bhikkhuni Sangha, on June 21 and June 27, 2013, respectively. They were mainly interested in topics such as the practice of Buddhist nuns and Buddhist monastic chanting, and were collecting related materials. Meanwhile, they were also rejoiced in seeing the many albums of Buddhist chanting and songs in modern expression published by the Xiang Guang Community, and recognized the efforts made by the Community to spread Buddhist Dharma. Before leaving the Purple Bamboo Retreat, they sang along with the Venerables the Buddhist Bell Gatha at the Buddha Hall. While the sound of the bell gradually faded away, the sincere prayer for a better world goes on.